Our next quarterly prize drawing for these

Amy Grant & Vince Gill Christmas at the Ryman

tickets will be held November 30th! 

4th quarterly prize was this Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils

Past & Future Waddell Place Bride Drawing

Our 2nd quarterly prize was this customized set of Yeti Ramblers...

Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your Happpily Ever After!  We realize that you had many options for your wedding venue and you chose us, and for that we are very grateful!  Just as a small token of our appreciation for you, we have put in place a quarter PAST AND FUTURE WADDELL PLACE BRIDE drawing!  Here's how it works:  Each quarter we will send out a Facebook post showing our prize for that quarter. Your name will be in the drawing once just for being our bride, with nothing required on your part!  But you will get an additional entry in the drawing each time someone puts your names (bride & groom) in the comments of that post. It's that easy!  These prizes are really nice prizes too, much nicer than the random prizes we offer to the public (that we will continue to offer along the way).  

Our first prize was this personalized whiskey barrel, just like the one you signed (or will sign) at our barn on your wedding day, but this one had the winning couple's last initial on it on one side and the top surface had our Waddell Place Logo. 

3rd quarterly prize was this personalized set of cornhole boards...

These prizes may include items such as home decor, gift certificates, games, weekend getaway trips, furniture, his & hers hair products, Yeti coolers, concert tickets, gift bundles, and the list goes on!!  I promise these will be prizes that you will WANT and to my knowledge, no other venues in this area have this type of incentive program!  And remember, the only people eligible for these drawingas are past and future Waddell Place brides.  (For the purposes of this contest, a past or future Waddell Place bride/groom is one who  has already held their wedding ceremony at our venue within the past 2 years or has signed the contract and paid their deposit to have their wedding ceremony at our venue...sorry but it doesn't count if you had or plan to have only your wedding reception at the venue, and in order to keep the eligible participants to a minimum, we will offfer this contest to couples married within the past 2 years.  Thanks for being a PAST OR FUTURE WADDELL PLACE BRIDE! 


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